How I Picked A Self Defense Class

Choosing a women’s self defense class was-at first- a bit overwhelming. I had decided that I wanted to learn self defense because I’m getting older and the world doesn’t seem to be getting any safer. I’d looked at several different types of classes from kung fu to kick boxing to military type clases and couldn’t find one that fit for me.

I wanted something practical but didn’t want to have to get “buffed up.” I didn’t want to have some sort of commando style attitude where I  “destroyed” anyone who looked at me funny. That isn’t my personality and I wouldn’t be able to pull it off physically, even if it were.

It seemed like all of the self defense classes that I looked at were either too shallow (they didn’t give me enough information to where I’d feel safe) or they were “commando-style.” The commando style ones seemed like they might be effective, but they were all too harsh and seemed like they would take too long. Also, they all wanted you to work out get “buffed up.” One of the said to bring a gallon of water, to EVERY class!

If I wanted to get “buffed up,” I’d join a gym!

I had almost given up, when I found a great school that teaches women’s self defense in Chandler Arizona.

The instructor is great. He teaches you at your own pace and he’s very affordable. You don’t have to work out: No pushups, no falling on the ground, etc. And there is no “commando-style” attitude. You can be a normal person and still learn to defend your self. If  you live in the Chandler area, you can find out more about this great class here.

If you don’t here is a checklist of what to look for in a good self defense class:

1) Make sure they don’t focus on getting you “buffed up”-If you have to be in shape to defend yourself, what happens if you get attacked before you are? Are you out of luck? Or if you do get in shape, what if your attacker is in better shape? You need to find somewhere that teaches things that work even if your attacker is bigger, stronger and faster.

2) If they tell it will take years to learn to defend yourself, do some where else! Example: If they say it will take 2 years, what happens if you get attacked in 6 months? You need a class that you can use from the first lesson.

3)If they tell you that you need to get over your fear, go some where else. Why? Because fear is a natural, survival reaction. You don’t need to get over it, you need to learn to channel. It’s a cliche but fear is your friend. =)

Those are all of the things I think are most important (there are others that you might take into account but that is YOUR choice).

Now, you may or may not choose to use the advice I just gave you but that’s up to you. You are your own person, on your own unique journey and I hope you find whatever is best for you.

Until next time,